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Nidec Appliance

Nidec Motor Corporation has been a supplier to the appliance industry for more than 60 years; first as Emerson Appliance Motors and Controls division. A focus on the working together with industry partners to introduce new products and technology to the appliance marketplace continues after the sale of Emerson’s motors and controls businesses to Nidec Corporation in October 2010.

We continue to be an industry leader in supply, quality and innovation of appliance motors, controls and components. With supply points in the continental US, Mexico, Europe and China, no other company provides the global manufacturing reach that we offer. All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 Certified. And, with engineering expertise in North America, Europe and China, we are at the ready to support the local needs of most customers.

Nidec Motor Corporation works with almost all major appliance manufacturers around the globe. We understand the requirements of appliance OEM’s new product development processes in detail. Our own new product development experience enables us to anticipate the needs of your design team’s motor needs. Engineering teams will support your new product development process with sophisticated testing and analysis capabilities along with rapid sample development.

Our company provides a vast array of products to support the appliance industry which includes:

  • Discrete and variable speed motors and pumps
  • Electronic motor controls
  • Electronic appliance controls and user interfaces
  • Valves
  • Position switches