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Environmental Principles of Nidec Motor Corporation

  1. Nidec Motor Corporation believes that all corporations have a responsibility for the environment.  This belief is reflected in a commitment to avoid creating unacceptable risks to the environment.  This commitment is an integral part of the Company’s management process and benefits the Company’s shareholders, employees, and the communities in which the Company operates.
  2. The policy of the Company is to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and, where appropriate, voluntarily participate in waste reduction and energy conservation programs. 
  3. The Company will minimize the environmental, health, and safety risks to its employees and the communities in which it operates through safe technologies, facilities, and operating procedures and by being prepared for emergencies.  The Company will encourage all of its employees to be alert to such risks and to report them promptly to management so that appropriate remedial measures may be taken.
  4. The Company will work to improve the efficiency of the products it manufactures and of its own internal operations.
  5. The Company will conduct periodic audits to measure the effectiveness of its environmental-management system and to determine compliance with this policy, based on progress assessments gauged against solid numerical goals.
  6. The Company will ensure that every employee is well-informed of our environmental principles and all environmental managers receive adequate education and training to implement this policy.  To this end, the Company is committed to having all environmental requirements documented and classified.
  7. The primary responsibility for implementing the Company’s environmental principles rests with the Company’s division presidents. The Environmental Affairs Department shall assist the division presidents in this endeavor.
  8. The management of the Company is responsible for overseeing the strategies being pursued to comply with this policy and will strive to protect the investment of the Company’s shareholders by reducing the Company’s potential environmental liability, as well as altering its manufacturing operations to minimize waste generation, thereby saving costs.