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Manufacturers of refrigeration systems and equipment are held to high reliability standards to ensure the safety and quality of perishable goods through the global cold chain. Motors are a key component in the operation of refrigeration equipment, and motor failure is simply not an option.

U.S. MOTORS® brand motors ensure high reliability and maximum energy efficiency, improving operation of your equipment by:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Increasing equipment reliability
  • Facilitating proper maintenance

We understand motors, and we can assist you in finding the right motor design for your specific equipment or application. We offer an extensive line of U.S. MOTORS® brand products for OEMs as well as replacement motors for major OEM refrigeration equipment. And we have the on-line tools to help you find the correct replacement motor quickly.


  • VariTough® 3-Phase Inverter Duty Commercial Condenser Fan Motors
  • RESCUE® 5.6” Permanent Split Capacitor Condenser Fan Motors
  • Permanent Split Capacitor Condenser Fan Motors, Open and Air Over
  • MOJAVE®M Series Condenser Fan Motors , Totally Enclosed Air-Over
  • Refrigeration Condenser Fan Motors, 5.0” and 5.6” Diameter
  • Permanent Split Capacitor Motors, 3.3” Open and Totally Enclosed
  • Shaded Pole Unit Bearing Fan Motors, Totally Enclosed

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