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Oil, Gas & Refining

The Oil and Gas industry presents some of the harshest challenges for electric motors. From off-shore drilling to the frigid environment of the Canadian oil sands, electric motors are a critical lifeline to the operation of these facilities.

Designed for manufacturers of production equipment, drilling equipment and now, refinery equipment, the American Petroleum Institute (API) Monogram Program verifies that manufacturers are operating in compliance with industry standards. Nidec Motor Corporation is one of the first companies to earn the prestigious API®† 547 Monogram. We offer a wide range of U.S. MOTORS® brand motors in addition to the API 547 product including IEEE 841 standard motors, API 610 pump motors,vertical motors and hazardous location motors manufactured to ensure optimal oil, gas, and refinery facility uptime.


  • API 547
  • API 610
  • 841 PLUS® Motors
  • CORRO-DUTY® Motors
  • Hazardous Location Motors
  • WPI/WPII Horizontal Motors
  • High Thrust Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors (VHS)
  • High Thrust Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors (VSS)
  • Inline (Medium Thrust) Vertical Motors
  • Normal Thrust Vertical Motors

Product Data Sheets


  • API 547 Datasheet (For customer use)

† All non-Nidec Motor Corporation marks shown within this document are properties of their respective owners.